Our Firm

Founding Vowels Stovern Wealth

After 20 & 15 years with Wells Fargo Advisors, Bryan Vowels & Troy Stovern announced the launch of a new independent wealth firm. "We are thrilled to embark on this new journey for our business," said Vowels. “We feel this move to the independent model will help us deliver even better service to our valued clients. Launching our own firm has always been a dream of ours and we can’t wait to see where this new independence takes us in the coming years."

Vowels Stovern Wealth is a fee-only, registered investment advisor (RIA) firm focused on identifying client goals and generosity planning. The current office is a temporary location on 4th street in Joplin while a new building is constructed. The new building will be an easily accessible destination for client meetings and events featuring views of Shoal Creek and a live natural spring.


Building Our Team

After significant early growth in the business at AG Edwards (predecessor firm to Wells Fargo Advisors), Bryan embarked in 2005 to build a team that could better serve his clients.  He says, “When we started the team we felt it was a new idea in our area. I believed having a strong team with different talents and skills would add tremendous value to our clients.”

Bryan believed it made sense for Troy Stovern to join the firm.  Bryan and Troy attended Joplin High School together, both graduated from Missouri Southern State University with degrees in economics/finance, and both worked for the United States Treasury Department as National Bank Examiners.  After leaving the Treasury Department, Troy had a successful career in pharmaceutical sales both in St. Louis and Joplin, MO.  Bryan asked him to join the team in 2005.  “Troy immediately came to mind.  I believe his integrity, values, background in the financial industry, and – most importantly – my deep respect for how he treats others, make him a perfect fit for our team and our clients.”

Cari Ray and Maegan Linden complement the team at Vowels Stovern Wealth.  Cari, Director of Operations, joined the team in 2017 after 14 years as Assistant Branch Manager at Southwest Missouri Bank. Maegan joined Wells Fargo Advisors in 2009 and the team in 2013. Maegan Linden, Director of Client Experience, handles marketing.

“Cari is caring and enthusiastic about doing the right thing for everyone she meets.  Maegan's attitude and abilities make her a tremendous asset to the team,” says Bryan.


Our Legacy

Our legacy officially began in the year 2000, when Bryan Vowels left a career in the banking industry to join A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., a legacy firm of Wells Fargo Advisors.  However, the story actually began decades before through his mother, JoAnn Vowels.

“My mother was a pioneer.  She was one of the first female financial advisors in our area and one of a small percentage of women financial advisors in the industry when she started in the 1970's.”  JoAnn served for over 35 years in the industry including the last 20 years with A.G. Edwards & Sons. 

Discussions on investing were common in the Vowels household.  Bryan now jokes that he thought every kid grew up watching Louis Ruykeyser's 
Wall Street Week on Sunday afternoons.

Bryan stated, “My mother not only taught me about investing, but also how to work to do the very best in serving the individuals and families who allow me the opportunity to serve as their financial advisor.”  Her love for the profession lit a passion for investing and investment planning within Bryan.  

“We absolutely love helping our clients visualize their futures and develop a plan designed to allow them to make that future possible.  This includes helping our clients eliminate common investor mistakes and help them identify and strive to minimize the financial risk of unexpected events that life throws at us,” says Bryan.