Our Process


Our wealth management process seeks to deliver a structured approach to developing and maintaining your investment plan.

Our thorough process is designed to allow you to stay on track with your goals, and help you reach them. We aim to make the most of financial opportunities while seeking to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes along the way. A formal financial plan is provided to clients, which is available online or upon request at any time. We will meet with you as needed to help ensure that your plan remains in alignment with your goals and adjust your asset allocation as they change over time.


Not every advisor is a good match for every client.  At our initial meeting, we’ll introduce you to our process, approach, and how we are compensated. We’ll also get to know about you and your needs, and decide if it makes sense for us to work together. If not, we'll offer a recommendation. There is no charge for a meeting.


In step 2, we’ll engage in an intense and thorough discovery process to help uncover the details of your wealth situation, including strengths, dangers and opportunities.  We’ll gain a complete understanding of exactly what you want your plan to accomplish, and how your other advisors fit into the overall strategy.


Now that we understand your current situation and goals, we’ll analyze what we’ve learned and define a clear wealth management strategy that focuses on your key issues and addresses potential problem areas.


Once defined, we'll guide you through implementation of your strategy.  We will assist you in establishing new accounts, initiating the account transfer process, and providing online access instructions.  We’ll also provide you with your own customized written plan.


We aim to reach out shortly after you open accounts with us. We’ll connect to make sure you understand your statements and answer any questions.


After the initial execution of your plan, we will review your investment portfolio with you. Review meetings can help keep us up to date with any changes in your life, and you and your other advisors up to date.* 


We will work together to determine if advanced planning is needed in your situation. If so, we, together with your team of professionals, will work together to execute an advanced plan. This might be meetings concerning business valuation or estate planning collaboration.*

*Vowels Stovern Wealth will act solely in our capacity as a registered investment adviser and does not provide any legal, accounting or tax advice. You should seek the counsel of a qualified accountant and/or attorney when necessary.